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Getting Started: What is a Local Business Consultant?

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Generally, consultants provide a service, either on a long-term or short-term basis, which help to achieve a goal or complete a project.  Companies often use consultants to become more effective in delivering their own product or service by improving a certain process flow or removing waste.

A local consultant provides expertise to local businesses with the goal of improving sales or reducing expenses, both of which increases the company’s profit.  Good local consultants are known to be the “go-to” people to get things done in their field and help maximize a small business owner’s time and investment.  There are dozens of sub-niches that a consultant can specialize in, depending on their level of experience, education, and expertise, but we are going to discuss online marketing for the purpose of this course.

To be successful, you need to separate yourself from the other competition in the market and stand out from the crowd.  If you do a quick search for local web design companies, you will see that they are all very similar.  They all develop and build some sort of fancy website that have varying levels of features and pages.  This might sound great on the surface, but how effective is a website that doesn’t get any visitors?  What about a website that looks great but actually doesn’t convert anyone into buying the product?

What businesses really need is the ability to get a great looking site that effectively funnels visitors into buying something.  They need to be able to get targeted visitors to their website that are already warm leads and are more willing to make a purchase.  They need to be able to retain and engage their current customers to encourage repeat sales.

localconsultingloneascentThis is where a local consultant can separate themselves from traditional product providers.  Instead of just building a new website, take it one step farther and analyze how successful it is and what can be improved.  Use heat mapping software to track where visitors are clicking and find out what they are most drawn to.  Install analytics on the site to find out where the visitors are coming from and where you should focus your marketing efforts.  Using that data, you can redesign the website to improve conversions and get more sales.

Why Become a Local Consultant?

At the end of the day, everyone is trying to earn money while being involved in a business that they can be proud of.  Local consultants do exactly that, by being able to provide significant value to businesses that may otherwise be struggling and be able to charge high prices without feeling guilty.

A local consultant stands apart from traditional product providers because they can use their knowledge to make measurable improvements in the business.  This may mean being able to get more visitors to the website, getting more leads, or making more sales.  If you can show a local business owner that you can consistently improve their numbers, you will become indispensable and be able to charge ANY amounts of money.  At the end of the day, companies do not care if they have a fancy new website, if it doesn’t convert to sales.  They care about making a profit, so that is what any local consultant should be focused on.

Consultants can be some of the highest paid people working from home because they are helping other people become successful.  Business owners are more than willing to make an investment in a system that works and produces a sizable profit.  If you want to be able to charge $1,000, $2,000, even $5,000+ per client PER MONTH, local consulting is an excellent field to get into.

The other difference is that selling a website is generally a one-time fee, unless you charge hosting and maintenance.  Consultants can provide much more value and are able to charge a monthly ongoing fee, which is obviously much more attractive!  Consulting builds your recurring income streams and they are usually very simple to maintain once implemented.

We should warn you that consulting is not for everyone and it does require some effort to be able to command high prices.  If you aren’t willing to put in some effort and stick with your clients, you will not last very long.  It is also important to have a professional demeanor and always strive to put the customer first, otherwise you may find that clients don’t fully trust your abilities.  While it can be challenging at time, you will find that consulting can be a very profitable and rewarding career.

Now that you have a better idea about what a local consultant does, let’s jump into the first steps towards creating your own consulting business.  Don’t worry, it is easy to get started and this course covers everything you need to know to be successful!

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