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Module 7: Following Up with Your Clients

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Getting your client on board and happy initially is only half the battle. The next step is to continue to provide enough attention and value to satisfy their ongoing monthly fee. If you stop responding to their emails or stop delivering results, you will be sure to have some unhappy clients that will quickly cancel their payments and leave poor reviews for you.

In order to avoid this, you will need to proactively address their issue and continue to monitor their situation. In most cases, this simply means checking in on the status of their account to see if they are still growing or if there are any problems. Make sure websites are still functioning, that notifications are still working, and that there aren’t disgruntled customers smearing the company.

If you are managing the local company’s loyalty program, you can periodically see if they are continuing to add new members to the program. If they are, send the business owner a happy status update with the results. If they aren’t, you may need to send out a new round of advertising or start engaging with the customers by using SMS or social media.

There is also the ongoing maintenance that should be done regularly for this type of program, such as updating coupons and special offers to keep them fresh. Social media and email newsletters should be updated periodically and paid ads may need to be rotated.

We suggest tracking every client you have using any available tool so that you have hard data to analyze. You can use analytics on websites, search engine mention trackers, and reports from any apps you are using. This data will all help to validate your monthly costs and can be extremely valuable for evaluating what may need to be changed for better results.

Once everything has settled and a business has seen good results for several months, it may be time to upsell them on other services that you can offer. Do not attempt this if the client is not completely satisfied or has not been happy with the results, since this could only make it worse. If they are happy, however, you could increase your monthly income by adding a few other services.

For example, you could add video creation and marketing to your current loyalty program. By creating a new and engaging video at periodic intervals, it is possible to increase engagement on social media and on the loyalty platform. This is a relatively simple service to outsource but you can charge several hundred dollars per month per video if they work well at converting traffic into leads or sales.

As you approach your client with additional services, try to tailor your add-ons to work well with your existing services so that they can work in tandem. This will allow for a smoother transition and can be a natural gateway into the upsell if the new service can be viewed as just another add-on that will increase the company’s profit by $X amount.


Remember, offering new services or products is not always a good idea, so it is important to read your client and get to know what they are thinking. The best bet is to always keep them happy and satisfied with your results, and you will keep a lifetime customer.

The next step is to put this knowledge into practice and start building your own local consulting business.

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